Crucial Safety Guidelines For Towing a Vehicle

Towing a car can be a risky task, especially if the appropriate safety guidelines are not facilitated properly. Besides the fact that towing can be hazardous for other drivers on the road, failing to comply with a certain set of rules can also lead to severe vehicle damage. Knowing the accurate techniques and methods for safety towing a vehicle puts you at a better advantage, and gives you the opportunity to learn more about your 24 hour towing service provider.

Never Exceed Tow Capacity

Contrary to popular belief, there is more than one type of tow trucks. When you call for a vehicle towing service, your contractor should ask you about the type of car you want to tow. This gives them an idea about what type of tow truck to use. However, many contractors try to cut corners, and often send a truck that shouldn’t tow your type of car. Each tow truck has a weight capacity. Attempting to haul a load that weighs more than this capacity, may lead to problems.

Always Use Safety Chains

Most cars that are being towed have been involved in an accident, or have a serious problem. This means that the car’s safety features, such as the handbrake, are compromised. In order to ensure the safety of your car while being towed, your vehicle towing provider must secure the vehicle with safety chains. Failing to do so may lead to serious damage.

Make Sure the Driver Knows all Rules and Regulations Regarding Towing

Towing is a serious duty that should not be taken lightly. Tow truck drivers must be knowledgeable about the additional driving rules that refer to towing. Although this doesn’t influence you directly, you should still consider it a concern. Don’t forget that the tow truck driver is responsible for towing your car to your destination in a safely manner. This is unlikely to happen if he’s not aware of the special rules and regulations regarding towing.

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