What to Do While Waiting for Your Towing Service.

Considering the fact that accidents happen all the time and even a well-maintained car can break down in the middle of the road, having the number of a reliable vehicle towing service provider on speed dial, is essential. Being prepared and responsible can save you of a lot of troubles later on, not to mention help you avoid major expenses. Here’s a list of things you should do when involved in an accident or left stranded on the road.

1. Move Your Vehicle Away From the Traffic.
The first thing you should do is to avoid any other accidents that may happen due to the presence of your vehicle on the road. That’s why you should try to move your car as far into the road shoulder as possible. Sometimes, due to the gravity of the accident or the extensiveness of the damage, the vehicle may not be able to move. If this is your case, follow the steps below. However, moving your car to a safe place , off the road, will make the towing service easier and faster.

2. Turn On the Hazard Lights.
Hazard lights are important as they alert the other drivers. Make sure you turn them on exactly after the moment of the break down or accident. Whether you’re able to move your vehicle off the road or not, the hazard lights should be turned on.

3. Place Flares and Reflective Triangles Around your Vehicle.
Cones and triangles must be placed before and after the car. Also, make sure you signal the presence of your vehicle on the road by placing a reflective triangle behind the car. If it’s night time, then makes sure you also place flares around your vehicle so that it can be spotted from far away. This will also help the driver of the tow truck finding you faster.

4. Organize belongings.
Gather together all valuable items, insurance paperwork, and anything else you may need after the tow truck arrives. By so doing, you ensure the towing service is optimized.

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